Zachariah Kobrinsky is a science photographer, documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. Kobrinsky grew up in North Dakota, which happens to be the geographic center of North America and as landlocked as you can get. This fostered a deep fascination with marine animals, as they were exotic; unattainable, and evolved into a deeper fascination with natural history at large. Kobrinsky has an affinity for applying an abstract aesthetic to science documentation, and believes that demonstrating the inherent beauty of the natural world will inspire Homo sapiens to practice stewardship and appreciation for its creatures.

Kobrinsky has worked for National Geographic magazine, the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, science publications, lifestyle magazines, trade journals, non-profit organizations and others. In addition to science documentation, Kobrinsky is also a field biologist, parataxonomist, commercial photographer, filmmaker, photographic robot operator, musician and self-proclaimed space journalist.